AFTECH’s experienced staff will guide your project from design, quote, and sampling, through production.  Allowing Aftech to do the manufacturing gives your sales people more time to concentrate on selling and distribution.


Since 1992 AFTECH has been dedicated to a quality management system that is effectively implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of our organization. This quality management system is founded on the five basic quality principles listed below:

  1. Do it right the first time
  2. Never pass a defect on to the next operation
  3. Continuously improve processes
  4. Standardize work - ensure consistent results
  5. When solving problems, always identify the root cause

Our quality management system is built around this philosophy: “AFTECH provides top quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We implement this policy by adhering to a documented quality system while striving for continuous improvement, growth and prosperity for our employees, customers and community.”


AFTECH was originally founded in 1992 for the purpose of supplying quality-fabricated parts, primarlily to distribution houses.  AFTECH initially invested over half a million dollars in setting up its operation.  Three years later an additional investment was made to build a new 24,000 square foot production facility, which opened in August of 1995.  In 1998, we further expanded to our present 54,000 square foot facility.  These continuing improvements help us to maintain our position as an industry leader and a natural first choice to meet your needs. 

AFTECH has developed a process, which allows us to cut plastic, up to .250” thick, on a high production basis.  Tooling to facilitate this process is less expensive than tooling competitive forms of fabrication such as injection molding, vacuum forming, and conventional stamping.  Furthermore, the high-sped capability of Aftech’s unique process is a substantial advantage over machining, routing, sawing or drilling.